Honey number 40

John, Julius & Frank

Cheers !

The great thing about trying out new things is that it allows you to go through a cycle of learning, reflecting, trying, failing and ultimately trying again. Yes, occasionally you may not “repeat and rinse” this cycle, but true strength comes from making sure that you don’t give up just because it was too hard.

This may have been the case I’m faced whilst making Beer. Excuse me?? I hear you say… yes Beer, that beloved nectar that has been around 9500BC. And I say if they make it back then… surely I can make it now.

So, my beer experience started around 7 years ago when I happened upon my future wife who worked (and still does :-) ) for SAB (South African Breweries, now known as SABMiller). And so my love began… for her and beer.

Consuming beer is something that come naturally to many many people in South Africans, but apparently, according to my wife’s uncle (a fellow brewer) we may have a beer drinking culture but not a beer making culture.

I am sharing my trip down the cycle in my quest to accomplish the making of the perfect beer.